MS Coast NHA Interesting People Project

MS Coast NHA needs your help! We are excited to announce that beginning January 2020, we plan to launch a new program, “Your MS Coast NHA,” and we want to interview YOU! National Heritage Areas are places where the historic, cultural and natural components are significant to the landscape of the United States of America. We are proud of the people who make up this great place that we call home and we want to show you off to the rest of the nation. Our goal is for our community to embrace the National Heritage Area designation that has been given to Pearl River, Hancock, Stone, Harrison, George and Jackson counties, and tell the story of the people who love this place as much as we do, and to identify, preserve and promote the culture of the Mississippi Gulf Coast.

Ideally, the stories will mirror the MS Coast NHA themes, which are historic, innovative, natural and flavorful. If you or someone you know has a distinctive story that contributes to the MS Coast NHA, we want to hear it.


Ours is a place of history. The Spanish and French explored this land preceded by Native Americans who lived here for thousands of years. A drive here reveals stunning homes that have survived the ravages of disaster, downtowns whose history is being reinvented each day. Lighthouses here shine as beacons to our past and optimism about our future. Across our communities we revel in sharing our history in an array of museums and historic sites.


We are a place of innovations. It is here that we build ships that defend our nation. It is here that the rockets that propelled our country into space were tested and proven. It is here that we bring the bounty of America to the western hemisphere through our ports. We are innovators in art. It is a place where creativity thrives. Our people create paintings, pottery and sculpture that have come to be known worldwide.


Our land is defined by the water that connects us. We are beaches, bays, rivers, creeks, swamps, marshes, islands and shores. We are home to the nation’s last remaining unimpeded river and 36 miles of sandy beaches. Our water provides us ecological riches unrivaled in other places. Our environment creates seafood known worldwide, freshwater that flows abundant from artesian wells and unmatched habitats that sustain untold species of flora and fauna.


We are a people with a flavorful culture. We blend customs, ethnicities and backgrounds to bring a warm pace of life that welcomes visitors and soothes the soul. We are a place where food unique to our region is shared in grand seafood houses, gourmet kitchens, backwoods barbeque joints, and tiny dives. Our zest for life is celebrated throughout the year with small festivals, large events and coast-wide celebrations.

Contact us by sending an email to or call 228-523-4075 to be a part of this extraordinary project.