We are a place of innovations. It is here that we build ships that defend our nation. It is here that the rockets that propelled our country into space were tested and proven. It is here that we bring the bounty of America to the western hemisphere through our ports. We are innovators in art. It is a place where creativity thrives. Our people create paintings, pottery, and sculpture that have come to be known worldwide.

Calling all space explorers! Space exploration is one of the most epic adventured set out by humankind. Get inspired by the wonders of space and space exploration by visiting the Infinity Space Center.

Our military heritage is a part of who we are. We encourage you to wander out historic military forts and walk where our armed forces once walked. Check out some of our historic military locations below to help plan your next visit to South Mississippi. 

Feel the ocean breeze in your hair as you explore Mississippi’s Gulf Coast. The ocean is apart of our history and heritage; it was one of the reasons the Native Americans settled here. The ocean has helped build and shape what Southern Mississippi is today. So breathe in the ocean air and dig your toes into the shoreline. The sea is apart of who we are. 

When you live next to the water, it’s easy to feel inspired. Art is everywhere along our coastal communities. The Mississippi Gulf Coast has lots of ways for you to influence your inner artist. If you were trying to find some artistic stimulation, you’ve come to the right place.

If you would like the opportunity to have your business featured as one of MS Heritage Area’s assets and you business belongs to one of Mississippi’s lower six counties, complete and submit the form found in this link