The Mississippi Gulf Coast National Heritage Area is a federally designated National Heritage Area along the Gulf Coast of Mississippi. Comprised of Mississippi’s six coastal counties, this NHA is recognized for their unique cultural and scenic qualities. It is a culturally, historically, and environmentally distinctive region where many chapters in the national story have been written. The bounties of the Mississippi Gulf Coast’s natural resources have brought people to this area from all over the world. The modern culture of the Coast consists of a multi-ethnic gumbo of people and traditions.

The mission of the Mississippi Gulf Coast NHA is to promote understanding of and to conserve and enhance the heritage resources of the six counties of the Mississippi Gulf Coast. The Mississippi Gulf Coast NHA tells the area’s nationally significant story to residents and visitors through activities and partnerships that celebrate the area’s unique history, people, traditions, and landscapes. It also provides connectivity among the Mississippi Gulf Coast’s many heritage resources, serving as a source of pride and identity for residents who are stakeholders in this conservation effort. These resources provide heritage tourists with authentic experiences reflective of the Mississippi Gulf Coast NHA. The residents benefit from increased awareness and appreciation of their environment, history, culture, traditions and lifestyles. The economic effects of heritage tourism benefit the entire region and support the long-term enhancement and conservation of those qualities that make the Mississippi Gulf Coast unique.

More information can be found in the Mississippi Gulf Coast NHA Management Plan.