We are people with a flavorful culture. We blend customs, ethnicities and backgrounds to bring a warm pace of life that welcomes visitors and soothes the soul. We are a place where food unique to our region is shared in grand seafood houses, gourmet kitchens, backwoods barbecue joints and tiny dives. Our zest for life is celebrated throughout the year with small festivals, large events and coast wide celebrations.

Delicious cuisine is an essential ingredient in our “gumbo-culture.” Visiting Mississippi’s Gulf Coast region will open your eyes to some tasty menu options. During your visit, don’t be afraid to experiment with local eateries. Local flavors will give you a truly memorable experience; you may even find your new favorite restaurant. 

There is never a dull moment in the Gulf Cost of Mississippi! Get ready to celebrate our delicious food, our history or our rich culture. There is a little something for everyone! If you didn’t have a reason to celebrate before you arrived, you’ve found something now. 

In the dowtown areas of South Mississippi, there are historic areas just waiting to be explored. Stroll through our historic parks and neighborhoods, or check out some of our local festivals.

We are just a single page in the book of our history. We encourage you to learn about some of South Mississippi’s heritage with some of our resources below.

If you would like the opportunity to have your business featured as one of MS Heritage Area’s assets and your business belongs to one of Mississippi’s lower six counties, complete and submit the form found in this link.