Mississippi Coastal Birding Trail

The Mississippi Coastal Birding Trail (MCBT) is dedicated, in memory, to avid bird watcher and author, Judith (Judy) Toups. Judy created the original map for the MCBT in 2003. For much of her life, she fostered bird conservation along Mississippi’s Gulf Coast. Currently, the MCBT identifies and provides detailed information for over 40 sites used by local birders. These sites are historically prime for birdwatching in the 6 coastal counties of Mississippi.  

The MCBT is sponsored by the National Audubon Society, an organization that was formed in 1905 and operates from its national office in NYC. One of the oldest and most widely recognized nature conservation organizations in the U.S., the National Audubon Society seeks to conserve and restore natural habitats of birds and wildlife to enhance the human experience as well as the biological diversity of the earth. The Pascagoula River Audubon Center harbors this mission. The center is located on the Pascagoula River, one of the largest and one of the few remaining free-flowing rivers in the U.S. Many of the sites on the trail are located right in the Pascagoula River basin.

All sites on the trail are considered sites for long-term stewardship by Audubon as well as any other organizations aiming to conserve bird life and wildlife with the promotion of nature tourism as a means to support the conservation of these natural areas. Explore the site to learn more about what species of birds are common to the area as well as where to find assets such as restaurants and restrooms along the trail.


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