Pascagoula River George County Blueway

Pascagoula River George County Blueway

Stretching almost 23 miles in length, the Pascagoula River Blueway George County is ideal for intermediate to experienced paddlers. Its strong currents provide a challenge for those who love aquatic recreation. Fishing and wildlife watching are also popular along the slower backwaters off of the main river.

The river forms where Leaf and Chicasawhay Rivers join. Wildlife Management Areas (WMAs) are lands that have been set aside to conserve Mississippi’s wildlife resources. With a wildlife management permit, visitors may fish, hunt, camp, hike, and more. It is likely to see wildlife such as deer, beaver, alligators, and even black bears.

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Things to Know When Visiting the Blueway:All visitors must purchase and carry a WMA User Permit (purchased wherever licenses are sold). Permit use is strictly enforced. Additionally, visitors must complete a daily use permit card before entering the WMA. These permit cards are available at permit stations located at major entrances to the WMA. For questions about the Pascagoula River WMA, visit the website at or call 601-947-6376.

SAFETY INFORMATION• Check local weather and river stages before your trip! If the river level is under 3 feet or over 9 feet, wait for better conditions before attempting to paddle. To report safety concerns, call George County Sheriff (601-947-9156) or 911. For WMA violations, call 1-800-BE-SMART .• The Pascagoula River Blueway is for experienced and intermediate paddlers.• File a float plan with a friend or relative. Cell phone coverage is not always reliable.• Be aware of eddies and strong river currents especially at boat ramps.• Wear a life jacket with a whistle attached and take a waterproof first aid kit.• Alcohol is not permitted within the Pascagoula River Wildlife Management Area.• The Pascagoula River WMA is open for hunting season from October 1 – May 1. Walking trails are important passageways for hunters; please use caution during these months. Hunter orange hats or clothing is appropriate.• The Pascagoula River WMA is a wildlife haven. Please be aware of yoursurroundings and always respect the wildlife.• For local weather and river stages,


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