Seafood Industry

The Gulf Coast seafood industry is a primary component to the diverse local economy in Mississippi. Seafood from the Gulf Coast is in demand worldwide, creating a need for harvesting, processing, and sales jobs. From commercial seafood harvesters to charter boat business owners, many Mississippians rely on the subsistent nature of the Gulf Coast.

In 2010, the area took quite a hit when portions of state and federal waters were closed for nearly a year following the Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill. Specifically, the oyster harvest was devastated for years following the oil spill. Currently, Mississippi’s shrimping and fishing industries are still on the uprise following the impact of the 2010 oil spill.

Mississippi’s harvest is primarily brown shrimp, which are at peak season from June to October. They are found in middle to deep waters and are caught mostly at night, opposed to the white shrimp that dwell in shallower waters and are caught mostly during sunlight hours. The best months for white shrimp or fish are from October to January. Pink shrimp are also common in the area; they are found in depths that are between the regions of white shrimp and brown shrimp, usually caught at night, and are most abundant in months October through April.

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