Honey Island Swamp Monster

Sneaking around the Pearl River is the Honey Island Swamp Monster. The monster is described as being seven feet tall, with long gray hair and large yellow eyes. The creature also has huge webbed feet and smells like putrefied trash.

Local legend tells the story of a tragic train wreck in the early 20th century. The train was carrying a traveling circus traveling along the Pearl River. Emerging from the wreckage was a group of chimpanzees that escaped to the forests surrounding the river. The story implies that the Honey Island Swamp Monster is a direct descendent of these escaped chimps. Some locals believe that the swamp monster is just a giant alligator that roams the banks of the Pearl River, but others aren’t convinced. If you happen to be hiking along the Pearl River, keep your eyes peeled! You could be the one that discovers the truth about this local celebrity.


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