Fort Massachusetts

Built after of the War of 1812, Fort Massachusetts is situated on West Ship Island, part of the Mississippi Gulf Coast Heritage Area, and is open to the public. About 12 miles from Biloxi sits a desolate barrier island only accessible by boats or passenger ferry. Looking at a map, Ship Island does not seem like much, but its great historical significance is evident once taking a closer look.

In addition to its important location, the fort was built because of its natural deep water harbor on the north side of West Ship Island. The brick walls holding Fort Massachusetts together were completed in 1866, and the structure remained in use until 1903. Despite its retirement as an official U.S. military installment, those brick walls have stood the test of time. In addition to all the man-made challenges faced in the past, Hurricanes Camille and Katrina did considerable damage to the structure, but its still stands today.