NASA INFINITY Science Center

Since its dedication in 2012, INFINITY set its sight on inspiring, amazing, and engaging. The science center’s goal: to be THE place where the curious at any age can lose themselves in the depths of the ocean and the farthest reaches of space. INFINITY’s mission: be a place where guests can explore our earth, oceans, and space through deepening levels of involvement, ranging from walks through museum galleries, memorable videos and live presentations, engaging, unique citizen science programs, and occasionally participating in world-class historic events.

INFINITY aspires to be in the life-changing business, for students, for teachers and the curious at any age. We seek to inspire the next generation of scientists, engineers and mathematicians by nurturing their innate curiosity. By featuring role models – both heroic individuals AND some of the region’s world-class research organizations – INFINITY seeks to nurture a general populace that will support national commitments to basic scientific research. And since laying a foundation for a scientifically-literate workforce begins with outstanding teachers, INFINITY works hand-in-hand with the area’s front line, formal and home school education communities to help develop a stronger K–12 educator workforce.


1 Discovery Circle, Pearlington, MS 
(228) 523 9025