Alice Mosley Folk Art Museum

The Alice Moseley Folk Art Museum pays tribute to one of the South’s most remarkable artists, Miss Alice Latimer Moseley. “Miss Alice,” as she was affectionately called by friends and visitors, had an open, warm philosophy regarding art, life, and story telling. She was as colorful as her paintings, and she took pride in the fact that each of her paintings were very different from one another.

An idyllic folk artist who did not begin her self-taught journey into painting until the age of 60, Miss Alice found solace in brush strokes while caring for her Alzheimer-afflicted mother. Her museum is considered a “must-see” in Mississippi. It is home to the works of Miss Alice as well as large collections of vintage bottles and vases and antique objects.

Miss Alice did not move to Mississippi until she was in her 80’s. Once she visited Bay St. Louis, she fell in love with the area and soon developed an even hardier appetite for painting. She believed art is for everyone. That is why admission to her museum is still free today.


1928 Depot Way, 2nd Floor, Bay St. Louis, MS