Jackson County

Jackson, the county of soul, is an adventure just waiting to happen. Jackson County was founded in 1812 and is filled with both rich history and unforgettable charm. The diversity of heritage sites within Jackson County will leave all types of travelers satisfied: from the avid history buff to the laid back nature-lover.

One of the highlights of Jackson County is its beautiful beaches. The Gulf Islands National Seashore, as well as its beautiful barrier islands, are the perfect spot for any laidback beachgoer to soak up some sun. The Gulf Islands National Seashore also doubles as a campground, so visitors can quickly move between their campsite and Mississippi’s majestic shoreline.

Beachgoers have a plethora of coastline to explore if visiting Jackson County. Besides the Gulf Islands National Seashore, there are a total of five barrier islands to explore. Each barrier island has a personal history and a unique story to tell. In addition, the Pascagoula River also lives within Jackson County. Although the Pascagoula River is not considered a traditional beach, it is one of the last undisturbed flowing rivers in the United States. Without the Pascagoula River, Mississippi would have been a very different place today. This ancient river is what ensured Mississippi’s timber industry to prosper, providing an excellent resource of financial stability for the region.

Fun Fact: The rarest of North American cranes lives in Mississippi in the grassy savannas of Jackson County. The Mississippi Sandhill Crane stands about 44 inches tall and has an eight-foot wingspan.


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