Hancock County

Hancock County is a picturesque region that intertwines history, education, and nature. Founded in 1812, Hancock County boasts learning sites like the Infinity Space Center, heritage sites like the Logtown Cemetery, and natural areas like the Possum Walk trailhead.

History buffs who enjoy real history and fun folklore have the opportunity to explore Logtown, an abandoned logging community that, at one time, was the crux of the timber industry in Mississippi. Logtown’s cemetery also holds some interesting legends of ghosts. Mississippi contains some fascinating legends if visitors know where to look. If you look deep into the waters of the Pearl River, for example, you might find yourself face-to-face with the elusive Honey Island Swamp Monster. Keep your eyes peeled!

Fun fact: The Wolf River, found in Hancock County, is named after the critically endangered Red Wolf that lives in the area.


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