Gingham Tree Arts & Crafts Festival

This free event has 300 booths of homemade food, arts, crafts, and excitement for the whole family. The festival takes its authenticity very seriously. Only handmade items produced by each exhibitor can be sold.

Framed artwork can only be sold if the person selling it is the original artist. Less than truthful exhibitor’s work could be confiscated with a fine levied and exclusion from next year. 69 spaces inside and 250 spaces outside will set up in the gym and around the George County Middle School the 2nd Saturday in November.

Proceeds from Gingham Tree Arts & Crafts Festival for booth rental go to the school system for students of George County. Spend some time shopping for Christmas gifts, visiting with your neighbors, and contributing to your community with a few thousand of your closest friends. It’s the Gingham Tree Arts & Crafts Festival from The Fine Arts Club of Lucedale.


Hours of Operation : 2nd Saturday in November 

Adult Admission: N/A
Child Admission: N/A
Senior Admission: N/A
Military Admission: N/A


George County Fairgrounds, 9162 Old Highway 63 South, Lucedale, MS 39452