Take a step back in time when you visit one of Mississippi’s historic homes. Many historical establishments in the state’s six lower counties are of national significance, hosting artifacts that tell of monumental times in human history.

The South’s great legacy lives on in Mississippi’s historic homes where visitors of all ages can observe photographs, documents, original furniture, and more that date all the way back to the 1800’s. Found along the beaches as well as in downtown districts, these homes offer visitors a chance to learn about times of booming industry and important tradition.

Visit Mississippi’s very own time machines when you step foot into our historic homes.

Bond-Grant House
Bond-Grant House (c. 1904) was built by William K. Dukate as a wedding present for his daughter, Vera, who married B.A. Bond in 1904.
Charnley-Norwood House
The Charnley-Norwood House, originally constructed in 1890, has quite an impressive history in the context of its influence on 20th century American residential architecture.
The Grand Magnolia was built in 1894 and nests comfortably among old oak and magnolia trees. This historic home is also a cozy inn, where visitors to the Gulf Coast of Mississippi can enjoy a night's sleep.
Kate Lobrano House
This little shotgun Victorian cottage is home to The Hancock County Historical Society. If you're on a quest to revisit historical photographs, documents, and memories from Bay Saint Louis’ past, look no further than 108 Cue Street.
LaPointe-Krebs House
The LaPointe-Krebs house, built in 1757, is the oldest structure in Mississippi and is the oldest confirmed building in the entire Mississippi Valley.