Legend of Singing River

The princess of the Biloxi Tribe, Anola, fell in love with Altama, Chief of the rival Pascagoula Tribe.

This presented quite the dilemma in romance; the Biloxi Indians had already arranged a marriage between Anola and their own chieftain. Unable to marry someone whom she did not love, Anola fled her tribe to be with Altama and the Pascagoula Indians. This led to a vicious war between the two tribes. The Pascagoula Indians vowed that they would either save the young could or perish in their attempt.

Near the end of the war, the Pascagoula Indians were outnumbered and faced enslavement and death from the Biloxi Tribe. The Pascagoula Tribe gathered together near the dark waters of the Pascagoula River and held hands. They chanted a song of death and mourning as they walked into the river. Many believe that the souls of the Pascagoula Indian Tribe reverberate through the river itself. If you listen carefully, you might be able to hear the ancient song of Pascagoula River.


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