Shearwater Pottery

This special building is tucked away down a beautiful path in Mississippi’s coastal woods. The studio was founded by Peter Anderson and his parents in 1928. Peter Anderson is the brother of another famous artist from Mississippi, Walter Inglis Anderson. Shearwater Pottery has cultivated a wide variety of artwork including pottery, utilitarian ware, figurines, decorative tiles, and other pieces.

Shearwater gets its name from the type of pottery produced in the studio. It is high-grade hard fired earthenware that is functional for houseware as well as décor. The pottery is crafted with two clay bodies. A white clay from Tennessee gives the pottery the underglaze castware from molds created by Anderson family members. The cast pieces are each uniquely crafted and hand decorated. The second clay is a buff bodied clay that comes from local Mississippi and Alabama sources. It is used to create thrown or cast pieces. It is then either hand decorated or glazed with a unique Shearwater pottery glaze.

Shearwater Pottery is still owned by Anderson’s children. Three of the children are still active in the production of pieces visitors will find for display and purchase in the shop.


102 Shearwater Drive, Ocean Springs, MS
(228) 875 7320